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Exhibition 1993 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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Seige at Jolimont Centre

ACT 1993
The Australian Federal Police Museum

Dramatic entry into Jolimont Centre, home of the Department of Industrial Relations, by Australian Federal Police. On 29 November 1993 a man crashed his utility vehicle through the front glass walls of the Jolimont Centre in Canberra, shot at police and rescue workers, set the building alight and killed himself. Before the man violently gained entry into the 6-storey centre, he shot and injured a male swimming pool centre manager in a Canberra suburb. Gas bottles were wired to explode in the mans vehicle and he threw burning petrol bombs in the main of? ce of the Countrylink travel centre. Firemen tried to battle the blaze but were hampered by the man shooting at them and starting ?res. Workers at the two radio stations and other of?ces in the upper ?oors of the building were helped out of a smashed side window and down a ladder to safety by ?remen under protective cover provided by police with drawn revolvers. As police surrounded the building the gas cylinders exploded, showering glass into the main street. When the ?res were brought under control, a police Special Operations Team wearing breathing masks entered the building and found the man dead with
shotgun wounds to his stomach and his body badly burned.
Canberra Times, 30 December 1994

Tank rampage
Tank rampage
Tank Rampage
Tank rampage
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