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Exhibition 2006 
Policing in Australia Since 1788 - In the Line of Duty
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National Police Memorial

ACT 2006

View of the engraved plaques during the dedication ceremony, 29 September 2006

Australian Federal Police

The following are the 132 quotes inscribed into the National Police Memorial; they come from a variety of sources including police files, witnesses, colleagues and, of course, the loved ones of those who gave their lives in the line of duty.

He picked up his single shot carbine and prepared to face the bushrangers.

His wife begged him not to go but he replied, Now, I am just going to do my best.

Considering the shocking wounds he received and the terrible agony he was in, his action after being shot leaves no doubt in my mind that he was one of the bravest policemen to wear the Queens uniform.

He had a kind of warmness; something you could never forget. A type of aura, a ray of sunshine; and a personality to match.

Blessings on your young courage boy, for that is the way to the stars.

It is not how they died, for which we will remember them but how they lived.

He paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving the community.

Forever on duty.

Gone but not forgotten.

Serving the law to the end.

May their boots be forever shiny and their heads held high.

A profession that calls on its members to give the ultimate sacrifice.

A sacrifice for good.

She gave her all for others.

Forever proud of their achievements.

May their badges never tarnish.

Cut down in the prime of their lives.

St Michaels angels.

Its not the cap, handcuffs or the gun but the person who carries them who makes the difference.

They never got the chance to say good bye.

Their only desire was to do their duty.

The foundations of our noteworthy history have been laid with sacrifice, honour and integrity.

For without belittling the courage with which men have died, we should not forget those acts of courage with which men have lived.

In an age of uncertainty the only certainty can be that law and order will prevail as long as we have dedicated serving police officers.

They give their time that does not finish at the end of duty but carries through to all of their life.

Our police force is measured by the quality of its strength our strength is strong though lessened with this great loss.

He was greatly respected both in the small community and surrounding districts.

An unselfish man totally committed to his work, his family and the community.

A proud and well liked man a proud policeman.

The safety of his community on land or at sea was his priority.

His duties as a traffic officer contributed greatly in providing a safer environment on the states roads and resulted in the saving of lives.

He enriched the lives of all he touched through his compassion and willingness to become involved in the concerns of others.

Set us an example of courage and dedication.

Was always ready to assist fellow officers and first to respond to calls for help from the community.

A good street copper and a decent man.

She had special qualities of reliability, dedication and community spirit.

He was such a massive breath of fresh air. That man was a Godsend to the area, it needed someone just like him.

He enriched the lives of all he touched through his compassion and willingness to become involved in the concerns of others.

He was very well-known, very respected and well-liked. He had a nice way about him.

His untimely death is a tragic loss of a husband and father and a young man who was shaping as an excellent police officer.

He was a very good camp keeper.

He was a general favourite with the Squatters and Carriers all agree that he was a brave and unassuming man.

He was a popular and capable officer, and his sad demise will be regretted by all who knew him.

He was an excellent officer and estimable man, greatly respected by his comrades of the Police Force and by the public.

He was a tower of strength, a model family man and an exemplary police officer.

She was an extremely devoted police officer and gave 100 per cent to everything she did.

She was a courageous and motivated young woman who was very highly regarded among her peers and the local communities where she served.

Let us lighten the burden of a family tragedy.

Their children can never forget nor should we.

Let us grieve and mourn and pray, let us contemplate in sorrow and pain. Let our hearts be touched by sympathy, and let us learn to love again.

These words captured the depth and width of the heartache following the murders Join hands to cover two gaping holes in the thin blue line.

When the service ended after midday, hundreds of officers formed an avenue of honour stretching more than a kilometre.

It bought home to us the danger of becoming complacent about the routine nature of what we do and the inherent danger in what we do.

Were going to organise ourselves to honour his memory as best we can to show his family who he was and that what he did was something we value very, very much.

Police believe that the senior constable was in the process of issuing a traffic infringement on the side of the roadway when struck by a passing vehicle.

We have a strong bond.

I can remember hugging a policewoman at the scene after we heard the news. I dont know who she was, but she was in tears.

It doesn't matter from which department they came, the feeling of loss is experienced the same.

Many charitable deeds have been accomplished in the name of so many fallen heroes. May their legacy of goodness and sacrifice continue.

Mum called him "Pop". We never got to meet "Pop", but we'll hug him one fine day.

She brought many people through some very tough times in their lives. She had a smile, nobody could ever forget. Her laughter could warm a room. She was someone you could always count on.

They were there when we needed them, they go beyond the call of duty and we are safe and proud of them.

The last time I saw him, he gave me his radiant, kind-hearted smile from across the station's main hallway; it was as if he knew his days were limited.

The past 6 months have been the most difficult of my life. I remember how you smiled at me before you left for work that morning, and told me you loved me in a call later that day.

Dad, today marks the twenty-ninth year since you left this earth. Your granddaughter told me yesterday how much she wished you could have met.

Seems like only yesterday that you were here, but it's been 22.5 years since that fateful day, Rest in Peace, you were The BEST Of The BEST.

Miss you as my partner and all of the things you used to do to keep it fun.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you.

My brother was an honourable man and loved his family dearly.

His spirit is alive and thats how I get through the hard times.

He is greatly missed and I want him to know I do not go a day without thinking of him.

She wasn't supposed to be on duty that night.

She received a call to fill in for a fellow officer who was sick.
He was taken from us much too soon by someone who could never understand or ever know what love, loyalty and commitment are.

Will never be able to understand what was in the mind of your killer that night when he so needlessly shot and killed you.

A kinder man you will never find. Even the local thugs that he arrested from time to time liked him.

My mum is my hero. She was a wonderful officer and lady. My family and I are so very proud of her and the job she did. We love her and miss her very much.

A life cut short. So many lost opportunities. A memory of a Dad in his uniform with his police motorbike.

A Dad we never got to know.

You epitomised the ideal character of a true policeman, integrity, honesty and courage.

Even though I never met you I still know that you are looking down on me.

A beer-befuddled brain, a loaded gun, and a dedicated, compassionate policeman and a loving father fell, dead.

A most promising young Officer held in high esteem by his Commissioner and Members of his Force.

Tragically taken before we got to know you.

Dad, I cant take the hands from my face; There are some things we cant replace.

Remembered with pride by his family for his commitment to his career.

A highly respected and valued police officer. Loving husband and devoted father. An Officer and a Gentleman.

Grief is the price we pay for love.

He lives in our heart forever. Everyday, somewhere, someplace, we see the likeness of his face.

In memory of a man who proudly wore the uniform.

You brought love, joy and laughter to all our lives. There was so little time together and so much we have missed. We miss you more than words can say.

Every son and daughter deserves a father. Tragically you were taken when you were needed the most.

A highly respected Police Officer, husband and father when your life was so tragically taken.

True leadership, courage and respect of his peers.

You epitomised the ideal character of a true policeman, integrity, honesty and courage.

My own personal saviour beyond his call of duty.

He was 36 years old when he was murdered. He had so much more living to do.

My son, my friend, you stand tall. You are and always will be in my heart. I am proud to be your father.

The search party ventured into the hostile vastness of the outback in a vain search - death was the cruel fate for discharge of their duty.

Died of dehydration whilst leading a party searching for the offenders who had murdered a man at Lawson Creek.

He lived a life of good deeds. Like the Apostle Paul, he believed that good deeds, even without faith, were better than an abundance of faith and little good deeds.

The manner in which he died proves his great courage, which was at all times tempered by mercy and justice to his greatest foe.

He died without gaining consciousness, a bullet in the stomach and another in the leg.

He approached the gunman courageously despite the grave danger, with hands open, clearly showing that he was not armed tragically he was fatally shot.

Husband, father, brother, son and friend. A proud police officer.

You were the best father a girl could ever have. You were my best mate. I will never forget you.

A true bush policeman.

All police families know the dangers of police work, but nothing can prepare us for the sense of loss.

He searched courageously in the inhospitable scrub, pressing on with the search party determinedly, but perished of thirst.

A police officer knows the chances he takes in accepting the job

In vain they searched for the infamous Starlight in the vast and harsh outback in the height of summer. Their humanitarian endeavours ended by a ghastly fate.

His valorous life was taken away by a cowardly ambush.

That someone could lie in wait to commit such a terrible act, outside his home. To murder a senior Australian police officer in cold blood its just not right.

We could see the success we were achieving reflected in the people of the Solomon Islands - there just some who didnt want to change.

He had gained the wisdom to serve others with love and compassion.

It was a flight he had taken many times before through the mountains of South America.

A born leader and mentor to others.

Words never seem adequate when trying to express the loss of a life so young.

He showed a complete disregard for his own personal safety, and by his courage and devotion to duty ensured the evacuation of a wounded man.

Tragically, they will know of his bravery but he will not have the opportunity to see the positive impact of his work and his life.

A young man committed to serving the will of the government of two nations.

He did what had to be done, no matter the personal cost.

We thank God our community is blessed with people of such quality and commitment.

The death of a police officer is always tragic, but where this occurs on the other side of the world, far from the officers family and friends, the sense of loss is even more profound.

The rising wind left him deaf to approaching danger.

Still in training, he would never have the chance to make his mark.

A new start in a new land tragically cut short.

A routine patrol that will never be forgotten.

With full police and military honours.

Hundreds lined the streets to pay their respects.

An exploding landmine in an unmarked field.

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